I Tested Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog

The truth about Boston Dynamics’ famous robot dog
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You might think you already know Spot, the robot dog from Boston Dynamics. Maybe you saw a viral video of it opening a door, or dragging a truck, or dancing. But now, this robot has hit a HUGE milestone… Spot got a job!

These robots are now out in the real world doing real work, for fire departments, factories, defunct nuclear power plants like Fukushima, ancient ruins like Pompeii, deep mines, and, more controversially, police departments. You might already be starting to see robot dogs walking around, and even if you’re not, they’re starting to affect your life.

That’s why we went to visit Boston Dynamics. In this video, we put Spot to the test, to show you what it’s really capable of, and how our future could be even better with robot dogs.

00:00 What is Boston Dynamics robot dog?
1:33 What does Boston Dynamics robot dog do?
2:50 Why robot dogs?
3:32 Taking Spot on an obstacle course
4:33 When Spot falls down
5:34 How Spot protects itself and others
6:45 What equipment does Spot use?
7:20 How Boston Dynamics robot dog opens doors
8:05 Spot at Fukushima
8:29 Boston Dynamics robot dog working for the police
9:12 Concerns with weaponizing robot dogs
10:10 What should robot dogs be used for?
10:44 Why robot dogs are huge if true
11:43 Duh nah nah Inspector Spot

Additional reading and watching:
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– Spot with ChatGPT: https://youtu.be/djzOBZUFzTw?si=JbY7aJne7rCeIxII
– Spot dancing to BTS: https://youtu.be/7atZfX85nd4?si=JI6W0Gw35CEIB0YF
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