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Why Amazon is Begging For Regulations – The Twisted Economics of Amazon

In two short decades, Amazon has grown from a modest online bookstore to an international conglomerate. A conglomerate that seems hellbent on moving into every growing industry out there. Amazon will only be the second company this channel has ever...

/ June 25, 2020

The History of Global Banking – A Broken System?

The 2008 Global Financial crisis was kicked off by major structural issues in the global banking system and exacerbated by record levels of household debt. Today the world is on the brink of yet another major financial downturn, and yet...

/ June 21, 2020

Why Game Theory is Not About Competition

Game Theory is supposed to show how businesses (and prisoners) can outdo each other to win out over their competition. While this is great in theory Game Theory actually shows us much more about how to get along with our...

/ June 18, 2020

The Science behind My Forecast for 2020

Quite a number of people, here and on Twitter, asked me about how I came up with my forecast for 2020. Here’s the story. By the early 2000s I had already delved into structural-demographic theory and its implications for historical...

/ June 16, 2020

Why Australia is Actually an American Company

Australia is a major world economy, with highly developed industries and close to 25 million of the wealthiest citizens in the world. But Australia is harboring a deep, dark secret. It is an American company… #Australiaincorporated #economics #corporate Money printer...

/ June 14, 2020

The Unstoppable Economy Of Hong Kong: The Land Of Billionaires

Hong Kong has done very well for itself as a global-middle-man. And the meteoric rise of its neighboring economy, China, has only strengthened the city’s already-prosperous position. But, of course, if you follow the news, you probably already know that...

/ June 11, 2020

The Economy Of France: How The French Set Global Economic Trends

France is a global trendsetter for other economies. This goes from the rollout of the metric system to more tangible short term indicators. If you want to predict the future, look to France. Now, this is not to say that...

/ June 7, 2020

Do We Actually Need Taxes?

Taxes are an unfortunate reality for most people living and working in the modern world, we pay them every year, we complain about them, and then we forget them until next year. Taxes are one of the most important elements...

/ June 4, 2020


America is burning. Dozens of cities across the United States remain under curfews at a level not seen since riots following the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. Most commentary is focusing on the immediate causes of this wave...

/ June 1, 2020

The Economics Of The Art Market: Why This Painting Isn’t Worth $450 Million

Start your 14-day free trial & get 10% off your Squarespace subscription ➡️ Want to learn even more about art? Be sure to check out the Squarespace site we created specifically for this video 👉 In 2017, at...

/ May 31, 2020

The Wild Economy of Brazil

Apply to join the team here → Brazil is currently the 9th largest economy in the world, according to the International Monetary Fund. This means that if the nation does make the jump from developing to developed, it could...

/ May 28, 2020

The Mighty Economy of Liechtenstein

Apply to join the team here → This is Liechtenstein just the cutest little European nation, the nation is tiny but weirdly enough it is actually only the fourth smallest country in Europe, behind Vatican City, Monaco, and San...

/ May 24, 2020

Hedge Funds Explained: Why Hedge Funds Aren’t Really Hedged

So hedge fund is a term that has really lost a lot of meaning in recent years. These days it basically just means a managed financial institution that facilitates complex investment strategies that cater exclusively to high net worth individuals....

/ May 21, 2020

Do We Actually Need Recessions?

Most people would agree that recessions are terrible things, they cause widespread fear amongst people that will be anxious about their savings, their livelihood or even their next meal. On a nationwide level, economic downturns are events akin to natural...

/ May 17, 2020

The Economics of China’s Enormous Belt & Road Initiative

China's Belt and Road initiative is set to be the most influential economic development project in recent history. It’ll be an investment measured in trillions, connecting dozens of nations with roads, rail lines, shipping routes, and most important of all:...

/ May 14, 2020

The Economics of Stimulus Packages

Inarguably, it's pretty bad right now. Businesses are closing, unemployment is rising, and people are scared for their health. Fortunately, governments are coming to the rescue with a swath of economic bailouts, stimulus checks, and hardship support. We're living through...

/ May 10, 2020

Money Laundering: A How To Guide for the Modern Global Billionaire

Say you find yourself sitting on top of a vast fortune of funds that were acquired legitimately (or otherwise), and let's just say this vast fortune propels you to billionaire status. Congratulations! You've made it! ... well, sort of. All...

/ May 7, 2020

A Tale of Two Countries

Sweden and Denmark are both Nordic countries speaking similar languages, sharing a lot of culture and a lot of common history. But they followed very different approaches to managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Denmark was among the first in Europe to...

/ May 5, 2020

The Economics of Real Estate

A home is in most developed nations in the world the centrepiece of the family finances, it is simultaneously the largest investment and largest expense of almost any individual lucky enough to break it to this increasingly unattainable market with...

/ May 3, 2020

Can a New Leader Save North Korea’s Economy?

So the wild ride of 2020 continued this week with the news that the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un was in a critical condition and that his continued leadership of the nation was not necessarily guaranteed. This has,...

/ April 30, 2020