New Discovery In The Deep Ocean

Scientists just discovered over 100 new species living on underwater mountains that we didn’t know were there! Here’s how they found them and why it matters for how we search the deep ocean…

The first thing to know is the surface of the ocean isn’t flat. There are tiiiiny dips and bumps on the surface over trenches and mountains on the sea floor – which sounds crazy, but it’s because of tiny changes in Earth’s gravitational field. And we can actually detect those bumps and dips with satellites.

So recently, a research crew working to map the ocean floor noticed some weird bumps in the satellite data and went to go investigate. They used sound waves – “sonar” – to map the ocean floor there in more detail
and discovered massive undersea mountains right here. And on those mountains, they found tons of species that seem to be new to science.

I love this. There is always more to discover about the world 🙂

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