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The People’s Republic of The Future When it comes to technology, Shenzhen may well be the most fascinating city in the world. It makes the majority of our electronics. It clones the best technology Silicon Valley has to offer with ease. And, these days, Shenzhen...

/ January 20, 2020

AI Algorithms Need FDA-Style Drug Trials

Opinion: Algorithms cause permanent side effects on society. They need clinical tests. Read More

/ August 15, 2019

Why did coffee cups and soda cups get so big?

There is more money in it for the Convenience Industrial Complex. Read More

/ August 12, 2019

Shady Brothers: in pursuit of Virgin Australia’s Chinese pilot-school partners

A troubled Chinese conglomerate under pressure from Beijing and its invisible partner have teamed up with Virgin Australia to run a flight school in Barnaby Joyce’s electorate. Having exposed Virgin’s deceitful efforts to hide these parties, Anthony Klan goes door-knocking....

/ August 10, 2019

Uber Posts Largest Loss to Date After “Train Wreck” IPO

The company's second quarter earnings fell below expectations and sent stock shares tumbling. The fallout from Uber's “train wreck” IPO continued Thursday, as the ride-sharing service posted its second quarter earnings. And as it turns out: They were even worse...

/ August 9, 2019

Sleek pay, oblique performance: Angus Taylor’s first government agency, the IPFA

When Angus Taylor was first promoted to the ministry as Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation in February 2016, he drew on his wealth of knowledge of consultancies to set up the little-known IPFA, the Infrastructure and Project Financing...

/ August 8, 2019

Qantas gilds lily on Macau lobsters deal with Triads

"Possibly the most expensive crustaceans in history at roughly $4,000 per lobster". Qantas took a multi-million dollar hit to its bottom line as it engaged in a drawn-out contractual battle with its Macau freight partner, JetFast Limited, a company which...

/ August 8, 2019

China Signals It Will Continue to Weaken Its Currency as Trade War Rages

BEIJING — China signaled on Thursday that it might continue to weaken its currency, a move that threatens to again escalate the trade war with the United States.China’s central bank on Thursday set the midpoint of the renminbi’s daily trading...

/ August 8, 2019

Crown Resorts board: is Orange the New Black?

Where does “the buck” stop? When it comes to corporations, the buck stops with the board. This is why directors are paid big bucks. They are ultimately responsible when allegations of corruption arise, as is the case this week with...

/ August 1, 2019

NSW Business Chamber: there’s big money in fighting unions … for charity

It is a registered charity. It is a “charity” which fights against better pay and conditions for workers – and has even fought against workplace leave for victims of domestic violence. There is big money in it. Last year, its...

/ July 30, 2019

Australia under pressure to help curb child abuse ‘epidemic’ in Pacific

A new report has detailed shocking levels of physical violence and neglect towards millions of Pacific nation children, sparking calls for better-targeted Australian aid programs.The "Unseen and Unsafe" report team investigated child-rearing practices in seven Pacific countries as well as Timor-Leste.It...

/ July 30, 2019

Revealed: Qantas venture with Triads skids off runway

Qantas has an unblemished record when it comes to safety. Unfortunately the same can’t be said when it comes to doing deals with international crime gangs. Michael Sainsbury reports. Qantas has forgone tens of millions of dollars after the collapse...

/ July 29, 2019

Tailwinds: government denials heighten intrigue over Virgin’s veiled partners

There are Chinese interests behind aviation projects in Tasmania, Western Australia and southern NSW but the intrigue surrounding Virgin’s mega-pilot-school proposal for Tamworth makes it a special case. Anthony Klan reports on the latest twist in the Tamworth saga, the...

/ July 28, 2019

Why is Ontario building a CLT factory so far from the forests?

St. Thomas is in South-western Ontario. It is so southern that 150 years ago if you were taking a train to Chicago you would go through it because it was shorter to go over the top of Lake Erie than...

/ July 24, 2019

Reform Calls: private health insurance at the crossroads

The Grattan Institute fears the private health insurance industry (PHI) is in a death spiral. An urgent review is called for whether or to what extent taxpayers should continue to fork out large subsidies to the industry. Professor John Dwyer...

/ July 22, 2019

Proposed laws to ban foreign fighters spark concerns about Dutton’s growing power

National security is again on the government's agenda as Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton makes a fresh push to ban foreign fighters from returning home for up to two years. As Parliament resumes on Monday for its first full fortnight of...

/ July 21, 2019

Old Fashioned: club pokies profits soar, standards stagnate

Entirely dominated by old white Anglo-Irish men, the club poker machine industry fails basic corporate governance standards. Michael West reports the latest investigation of NSW clubs. The most predatory industry in Australia, club poker machines, is also one of the...

/ July 21, 2019

‘The Eagle has landed’: NASA marks exact moment of Moon landing 50 years ago

At 4:18pm ET (2018 GMT) on July 20, 1969, the lunar module carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the Sea of Tranquility, following a four-day journey.NASA replayed online the CBS broadcast that was seen around the...

/ July 21, 2019

UK calls seizure of oil tanker a ‘hostile act’ as Iran releases video of capture

Britain on Saturday denounced Iran’s seizure of a British-flagged oil tanker in the Gulf as a “hostile act” and rejected Tehran’s explanation that it seized the vessel because it had been involved in an accident.Iran’s Revolutionary Guards posted a video...

/ July 21, 2019

This App Lets Your Instagram Followers Track Your Location

A new app knows what your Instagram-loving friends did last summer. Called Who’s in Town, the iOS and Android app is ostensibly designed to show you, well … who’s in town. But it does much more than that.Users who download...

/ July 19, 2019