No One Has EVER Had a Perfect March Madness Bracket

No one has EVER picked a perfect March Madness bracket. You have a one in NINE quintillion chance! There are about 7.5 quintillion grains of sand on Earth, so it is more likely that you pick a single grain of sand out of all the beaches in the world. There have been about 5 trillion days since the Big Bang, so repeat the known entire history of the universe 1.8 million times and try to pick a SINGLE DAY.

But that’s if you just flipped a coin for each of the 63 games. You can do better than 50%! The NCAA says the average person who makes a bracket has a 67% chance for each game, so their chance is 1 in 120.2 billion times.
Even the best predictive statistical models only get it right somewhere around 75% of the time, giving computers somewhere between a 1 in 10 billion to a 1 in 40 billion chance.

The closest ANYONE has EVER come was in 2019. A guy in Ohio got the first 49 picks correct.

In the end, March Madness is a tournament of skill and chance with upsets and Cinderella stories, and no one, not even the best tech, can predict it. Enjoy.

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