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Each summer, Provincetown welcomes Family Week. Young people parented by gay, lesbian, trans, non-binary and queer people gather for the largest gathering of its kind.

This year over 500 families attended the social events, panel discussions, and recreational activities. Many are the only LGBTQ families in their community or school and it feels freeing spend a week amongst families that look a lot more like they do.

Participants said that this year felt even more essential as religious discrimination laws are aiming at making it more challenging for LGBTQ people to start their own families and raise kids free of discrimination and fear.

Fun was had by all. Highlights included the Beach Bonfire (kids making s’mores) and the Pride Parade. Organized by Family Equality Council and COLAGE, the event continues to attract major sponsors like Disney, HBO, Johnson & Johnson.

Dates for 2019 are already set: July 27 – August 3, 2019.

Check out some 2018 highlights from the photo gallery:

Check out the video:

Thanks to Cathie from Emerald Eye Photography and Thais from TDM Photography for these great shots.

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