IDF Troops "Fire" At UN Convoy, "Assault" Journalists In Gaza | IRGC Leaders Killed In Syria | Hamas

Israeli forces shot a man dead at the entrance to Wadi al-Shajna, east of the Dura city near Hebron, the occupied West Bank, Al Jazeera reported. The targets included rocket launching positions, a military site and other infrastructure used by the terror group, as per the IDF. Several rockets were fired at northern Israel on December 29, three of which crossed the border, according to the IDF. A United Nations aid convoy came under fire from Israeli soldiers in Gaza, according to the Director of the UNRWA. 11 leaders of the IRGC were killed in an airstrike targeting Damascus International Airport on December 28, Saudi media reported. The French government said it will deploy more than 95,000 police and military personnel for New Year Eve’s celebrations. A “skunk water” truck sprayed water at Palestinians and Muslim worshippers near Al-Aqsa Mosque on December 29. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.
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00:00 – Al Jazeera Journalists “Assaulted” by Israeli Soldiers

03:01 – UN Convoy Comes Under Israeli Fire in Gaza

03:51 – “Eleven IRGC Leaders Killed in Damascus Airport Strike”

04:41 – France Beefs Up New Year’s Security Due to “Terrorist” Threat

05:40 – Skunk Water Sprayed at Al-aqsa Worshipers

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