US Rushes Troops To Kosovo As Tensions Mount After “Unprecedented” Serbian Military Buildup

The US is deploying dozens of Iowa National Guard soldiers in Kosovo as part of its NATO* peacekeeping mission amid rising tensions in the region. 33 Iowa guardsmen, part of Detachment 1, Company C (Medevac), 2-211th General Support Aviation Battalion, will deploy on December 29 for a nine-month tour. The primary goal of the US troops is to conduct live aerial medevac operations and refuelling. They will also provide maintenance support for the US, Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) and the coalition. Another 20 soldiers will deploy to Kosovo on January 7 to provide law enforcement support at a NATO installation. The deployment comes after the US showed concerns about the large Serbian military buildup on the Kosovo border in September. Watch this video to know more.
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00:00 – Kosovo Set to Flare Up Again?

01:12 – What Has Reignited Tensions Between Serbia & Kosovo?

03:25 – Why Are Kosovo and Serbia at Odds?

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