These Stars Charge An Arm And A Leg For Their Clothing Line – Is It Worth It?

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Which celebrity clothing line are you most willing to buy?

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Acting, making music and modeling is only a means to an end. Celebrities who dabble in those fields need other sources of revenue to keep up their luxurious lifestyles. Perhaps this is why we see some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry picking up a fashion line. Stars like Kanye West and Jessica Simpson have broken into the fashion industry. Based on their product pricing, these stars don’t appear to understand that the average American doesn’t have the same income as them. Here’s what the stars are charging for their clothing lines. See which former artist charges $2,230 for her dresses!

The Olsen Twins’ Billion Dollar Fashion Lines

The Olsen Twins’ Billion Dollar Fashion Lines

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for JCPenney

The Olsen twins have fashion figured out. Mary-Kate and Ashley have three lines under their name with each line serving different purposes. Olsenboye caters to kids, Elizabeth and James targeted towards mid-market, and The Row is for the high-end shoppers (backpacks sell for $18,000 a piece.)

Stars like Jessica Biel have purchased that backpack. The empire these two built is now worth one billion dollars and doesn’t seem to be slowing. These twins can pack a full house with their fashion.

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