Elon Musk ANNIHILATED After Desperate MrBeast Stunt Backfires Immediately

Elon Musk gets publicly shut down by mega-creator MrBeast after Musk’s attempt to trick MrBeast into using X for his videos gets blown apart. John Iadarola and Francesca Fiorentini break it down on The Damage Report.

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MrBeast Shuts Down Elon Musk – https://www.newsweek.com/mrbeast-shuts-down-elon-musk-1856806

“MrBeast, an incredibly popular YouTuber with more than 200 million subscribers on the platform, shut down Elon Musk’s call to post his content on X, formerly Twitter.

“I uploaded, go watch or I’ll drop kick you,” MrBeast wrote in a post on X on Saturday.

After a user asked MrBeast to “upload on this platform too,” Musk responded to the thread, writing: “Yeah.”

But MrBeast—whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson—responded that the revenue from X would barely make a dent in the production cost of his videos.”


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