Trump Defense Dealt FATAL BLOW With Annihilating Jack Smith Evidence

Donald Trump’s defense over his state of mind during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot gets annihilated by Special Counsel Jack Smith team’s new evidence from witness testimony in Jan. 6 probe. John Iadarola and Jackson White break it down on The Damage Report.

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Special counsel probe uncovers new details about Trump’s inaction on Jan. 6: Source –

“Special counsel Jack Smith’s team has uncovered previously undisclosed details about former President Donald Trump’s refusal to help stop the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol three years ago as he sat watching TV inside the White House, according to sources familiar with what Smith’s team has learned during its Jan. 6 probe.

Many of the exclusive details come from the questioning of Trump’s former deputy chief of staff, Dan Scavino, who first started working for Trump as a teenager three decades ago and is now a paid senior adviser to Trump’s reelection campaign. Scavino wouldn’t speak with the House select committee that conducted its own probe related to Jan. 6, but — after a judge overruled claims of executive privilege last year — he did speak with Smith’s team, and key portions of what he said were described to ABC News.

New details also come from the Smith team’s interviews with other White House advisers and top lawyers who — despite being deposed in the congressional probe — previously declined to answer questions about Trump’s own statements and demeanor on Jan. 6, 2021, according to publicly released transcripts of their interviews in that probe.”


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