Fox News Hosts LOSE IT Completely In Ultimate Meltdown Con

Fox & Friends falls apart over President Biden’s joke post about his birthday, despite the Republican competition likely being Donald Trump who is close in age and repeated public slips. John Iadarola and Yasmin Khan break it down on The Damage Report.

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Fox & Friends Are NOT Amused by Joe Biden’s 146th Birthday Instagram Joke: ‘Such a Weird Message’ –

“President Joe Biden made light of his 81st birthday Monday with an Instagram post celebrating his “146th birthday.” Fox & Friends did NOT find the joke amusing.

Biden’s official Instagram account posted a photo of the president with a birthday cake ablaze with candles. The post’s message read, “Thanks for the birthday well-wishes today, everyone. Turns out on your 146th birthday, you run out of space for candles!”

The co-hosts of Fox & Friends did not appear to find this self-deprecating joke funny. At all.

Brian Kilmeade sarcastically dismissed it as “hysterical.” Ainsley Earhardt noted, “Such a weird thing to say,” while Lawrence Jones harrumphed, “Well, he’s making fun of it. Yes. And it’s it’s a real issue for the American public right now. Yeah. I don’t think he takes it seriously at all.””


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