Steven Tyler's Feud With Kid Rock Explained - Grunge

Around that same time, Kid Rock doubled down on his anti-‘Idol’ position in an “On the Record with Fuse” appearance. “I think that was a bad move for Steven Tyler,” the musician said, calling Tyler one of the greatest American rock singers ever. “There’s no question about it, I love him dearly. I hope Steven will still be friends with me,” Kid Rock said (via YouTube).

Kid Rock continued, “I’m conflicted with that whole [American Idol] system. I don’t knock the kids for going on ‘American Idol’. They’re just trying to be stars and get their music heard. But I disagree with the process of grabbing these kids before they’ve gotten out to experience some things — get some chops, get some scars, get some feel, play some clubs, learn how to write a song … Let’s face it, ‘American Idol’ doesn’t have any credibility — zero credibility and [Tyler] has oozes of credibility and I feel like he just threw it out the window,” Kid Rock said.

Around that same time, another musician chimed in on the Steven Tyler ‘American Idol’ controversy: Joe Perry, lead guitarist in Tyler’s band, Aerosmith. Speaking with The Calgary Herald in 2010, Perry said, ” (via Blabbermouth), “[American Idol is] a reality show designed to get people to watch that station and sell advertising … [W]hen we put this band together, this is not something that [Tyler] would do.” Tyler appearing on the show was the singer’s business, Perry said, “but I don’t want Aerosmith’s name involved with it.”