Adrienne Salinas: The Unsolved 2013 Death Of An Arizona College Student - Grunge

Adrienne Salinas had a difficult evening shortly before she disappeared and she seems to have been considerably agitated by the events that unfolded that night. That day, June 14th, Salinas and her roommates had helped to throw a birthday for their friend, however, Salinas wound up leaving the party early after getting into an argument with her boyfriend, Francisco Arteaga, around 2:30 a.m.

According to People magazine, Salinas had gotten angry with her partner for talking to another woman so the pair drove to Arteaga’s apartment. NBC News reported Arteaga dropped Salinas back at the party again around 3:30 a.m. Unable to use her own room, which still had guests in it, Salinas left the party for a second time by herself at 4 a.m., after speaking with her roommates. Salinas headed back toward her boyfriend’s apartment but never arrived.

On the way there Salinas was seen driving dangerously, and the teen was involved in a crash after cutting off another driver. She hit a median at the side of the road but did not hang around to speak to the driver she’d cut off. Instead, she abandon her car which had blown two tires. According to the FBI, the young woman appears to have returned unnoticed to her apartment a final time to change and then called a cab. The cab driver waited for her at a nearby gas station but she never showed up.