In January 1981, according to the Houston Chronicle, a dog in Harris County, Texas — which includes Houston and its suburbs — found a decomposing human arm and carried it home. That set off an intense search, and a few days later authorities found the bodies. Though the bodies were badly decomposed, and though investigators were constrained by the limits of the forensic technology of the era, authorities were able to put together a rough estimate of who the victims might be. Further, they were able to determine that the male victim had been beaten to death, and that the woman had been strangled.

According to Crime Watchers, the female was determined to have been white, possibly with Native American ancestry, between 15-25 years old. The male, according to the International Center for Unidentified & Missing Persons, was determined to have been white and between the ages of 16-30 years old.

Four decades later, the couple would be identified as Harold Dean Clouse and his wife, Tina Linn. However, it remains unclear who murdered them, although bits and pieces of this story involve the comings and goings of a mysterious cult.