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The Curators of the US Capitol Art Collection Say They Need $25,000 to Fix Paintings and Statues Damaged in the January Attack

A US House of Representatives subcommittee will hear testimony today, February 24, from the architect of the Capitol and the House curator about the damage to the building and its art collection cause by the mob that stormed the US Capitol…

/ February 24, 2021

Merrick Garland vows to lead Capitol attack prosecutions if confirmed as attorney general

Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland will pledge to take the lead in prosecuting those charged over the U.S. Capitol siege and vow prosecutorial independence from President Biden at his confirmation hearing Monday.Why it matters: As attorney general, Judge Garland would…

/ February 21, 2021

Sequoia Capital says it was hacked

Sequoia Capital told its investors on Friday that some of their personal and financial information may have been accessed by a third party, after a Sequoia employee's email was successfully phished, Axios has learned.Why it matters: Sequoia is one of…

/ February 20, 2021

‘Stick It In Your Neck’: Karl Stefanovic Blasts Facebook After It Bans News Content In Australia

Channel 9Karl Stefanovic and Leila McKinnon on the 'Today' show Thursday morningTelevision presenter Karl Stefanovic blasted Facebook after it banned news publishers’ content from being shared on its platform in response to a proposed law in which social media giants would…

/ February 18, 2021

The Law Professor Who Trained with the D.C. Police

Rosa Brooks, a professor at Georgetown Law, has spent much of her career observing the relationship between violence and law enforcement. She has worked in the State Department and at the Pentagon, and has taught courses on international law and…

/ February 13, 2021

Live updates: Trump’s defense team to focus on process arguments

Donald Trump's lawyers plan to argue four key points during their defense of the former president today — all focused on process.The latest: Trump lawyer David Schoen accused the impeachment managers of "manipulating video" and relying on media reports as…

/ February 12, 2021

Big Names Get Behind India Farmers’ Protest As Government Silences Supporters

As hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers charge ahead with their monthslong protests of new agricultural laws on the outskirts of New Delhi, the movement has spilled over to the internet.  Like on the ground where police have arrested at least eight journalists and dozens…

/ February 12, 2021

Fox News moves to dismiss Smartmatic lawsuit

Fox News on Monday filed a motion to dismiss a $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against the network and some of its top hosts from voting company Smartmatic, claiming the lawsuit seeks to "stifle debate and chill vital First Amendment activities."Why…

/ February 9, 2021

Obscure corporate donors flooded key 2020 Senate races

Significant chunks of money spent in key 2020 Senate races — including Kelly Loeffler's in Georgia — came from nonprofits and companies with little online footprint and no trace of their own financial benefactors, new disclosure filings show.Why it matters:…

/ February 5, 2021

The Guerrilla Girls Canceled Their Book Contract With Phaidon Over Billionaire Owner Leon Black’s ‘Shady Dealings’ With Jeffrey Epstein

The Guerrilla Girls are once again calling on New York’s Museum of Modern Art to remove chairman Leon Black from its board due to his longstanding ties to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The anonymous feminist art collective also canceled their 2018 book…

/ February 2, 2021

Silicon Valley backlash grows as vocal tech faction boycotts

Silicon Valley may be a "state of mind," but it's also very much a real enclave in Northern California. Now, a growing faction of the tech industry is boycotting it. Why it matters: The Bay Area is facing for the…

/ January 27, 2021

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art Is Considering Changing Its Name After a Local Newspaper Surfaced Its Founder’s Racist Legacy

Prompted by a report in the local newspaper about the segregationist activities of William Rockhill Nelson, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, is reassessing its name and considering whether or not to continue honoring the real estate and newspaper…

/ January 22, 2021