A video with a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been published.

The Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, performing a sortie in one of the regions of Ukraine, was seriously damaged as a result of an anti-aircraft missile fired from a MANPADS hitting it.

Judging by the shrapnel damage to the tail section, engine and wing, the rocket exploded in close proximity to the combat aircraft. The pilot was saved by the launch of the heat traps of the lead aircraft, which fired infrared traps, thereby preventing a second attack.
Specialists pay attention to the fact that it was possible to save the plane thanks to the skill of the pilot, as well as the actions of the pilot of the lead aircraft, who did not allow another missile to hit the plane, which would almost certainly destroy the Su-25 attack aircraft.

No less important is the fact that the Russian pilot was able to save the plane itself, which was landed at the airfield despite the limited fuel supply and critical damage.
Earlier, the Avia.pro news agency already reported that a Russian pilot was able to save another Su-25 attack aircraft by covering it with himself and shooting decoys.