According to Showbiz CheatSheet, White had no regrets in turning down “As Good as It Gets.” The hit film, which stars Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, had a scene she did not care for. Per Digital Spy, it involved an “adorable dog” being thrown down a trash chute. Though the dog is unharmed and the scene was intended for “laughs,” White felt like she could not in good conscience do the film. She later said that given her history as an animal lover and advocate, she didn’t want to set an example for others. As she put it, “You never know what nuts or kids will see it and think ‘I can do that.'”

In 2013, White told Guinness World Records that if she wasn’t an actress she would “hands down” be a “zookeeper.” Her love for camping and animals also led her to become an honorary United States Forest Ranger at the age of 88. Touchingly, she stated it’s the accomplishment her parents would most be proud of (via Newsweek). US Weekly reports that Betty White died on December 31, 2021, likely due to natural causes. Shortly after her death, her agent, Jeff Witjas made a statement (per People) that both he and the animal world would “miss her terribly.”