How to start from nothing. One of the most common questions we’ve got on this channel since starting is “How do I start from nothing?” or “How to I get a business off the ground from zero?”

This is a difficult question to answer. Mostly, because I can’t tell you how to start every different type of business – I only know how to effectively start the businesses I’ve personally been involved with. And succeeding with a digital sales business is much different than starting a car dealership.

But there’s one simple thing I can tell you that’s helped me over the years when it comes to starting businesses, that so many people never do: they never start at all.

All the best – I hope you enjoy.

(Obligatory 🎵 “Started from the bottom now we here!”)

Huge credit to @Andrew Kirby for summing up very coherently the concept of “start then learn, don’t learn then start”. Please do check out his video via the link below. It’s short, and very sweet.

0:00 – Showing comments from my YouTube
0:18 – My upbringing
2:34 – Intermission
3:37 – Why I don’t like motivational videos
4:02 – If you don’t do it, someone else will
6:19 – Start then learn, don’t learn then start
8:26 – Never trying will be more painful than failing
10:02 – Act like the dumbest person in every room
11:53 – Credit to Andrew Kirby’s video
12:04 – Outro

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