US intelligence is warning that the Afghan capital Kabul could fall to Taliban fighters within 90 days, according to reports from Washington.

The Taliban are advancing rapidly across Afghanistan, after the announcement that almost all Western forces will leave the country by next month.

The hardline Islamists who once harboured Osama bin Laden have captured large areas from the Afghan government and are continuing their advance.

More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in recent weeks. Many more have fled their homes.

A US-led military campaign to topple the Taliban began in 2001 following the 9/11 attacks. In two decades of conflict more than 120,000 Afghan military, police and civilians have been killed. More than 2,000 US troops and hundreds of British personnel have also lost their lives.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Yogita Limaye in Kabul.

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