Juice Media Podcast 22: in which we take a journey around Australia with Naomi from Lock the Gate so we can get an overview of the Government’s gas-led shitfuckery – including huge new fracking projects awaiting approval and funding – and things local communities can do to stop this insanity. If you’re confused about what the “gas-led recovery” means for you and your local community, this podcast provides a concise and up to date summary. Plus a special guest!

👉 This is the podcast companion to our latest Honest Government Ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uXo7wtGW7M

00:00 Giordano Intro
03:26 Naomi Hogan welcome
04:33 The Gas Industry in Australia
06:54 The harms of coal seam gas mining and fracking
07:48 Gas shitfuckery in Queensland
13:34 Gas shitfuckery in NSW
18:25 Gas shitfuckery in the NT
21:54 Gas shitfuckery in WA
27:56 Gas shitfuckery in Victoria
32:49 Solastalgia
37:56 Stephen King welcome
37:20 Why I left the BoM
46:39 Climate attribution science
52:28 Giordano conclusion

👉 Here are the links to all the calls to action mentioned by Naomi.

👉 If you’re in Queensland:
🔸 Lock the Gate: Stop Origin
🔸 Protect the Bush Alliance – Channel Country

Channel Country

👉 If you’re in NSW:
🔸 CSG Free: Pilliga Forest

👉 If you’re in the NT:
🔸 Seed: Stop Origin fracking the NT
🔸 Lock the Gate: Stop Origin|
🔸 Don’t Frack the NT

👉 If you’re in WA:
🔸 Kimberley: Ban fracking
🔸 Burrup Hub: Don’t sign off on Scarbarough

👉 If you’re in Victoria:
🔸 Friends of the Earth: Drill Watch


👉 Wherever you are:
🔸 Switch your power away from CSG and fracking

Sandi Keane / MW articles about the Bom:
🔸 https://www.michaelwest.com.au/undue-influence-oil-and-gas-giants-infiltrate-australias-bureau-of-meteorology/
🔸 https://www.michaelwest.com.au/zero-attribution-australias-bureau-of-meteorology-keeps-silent-on-climate-science/

🔹 You can follow Naomi Hogan here: https://twitter.com/NaomiHoges
🔹 You can visit Lock the Gate here: https://www.lockthegate.org.au/
🔹 You can follow Stephen King here: https://twitter.com/StephenAKing

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