Roughing it out in the ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ jungle will get the better of you at times. Just ask Grant Denyer. 

The 43-year-old ‘Dancing With The Stars’ host shared a candid admission with his Instagram followers this week, warning them they’ll see him “falling apart” on the show where “I can’t fake my way through it anymore”.

I can’t overstate this enough… I probably would’ve left the jungle by now if it wasn’t for these magical group of very special people. I’m not even joking,” he began his social media post, referring to his famous co-stars. 

“This is a very difficult week for me to be honest and I’m kinda falling apart.”

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Grant Denyer on ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’

The former Gold Logie winner said the show is “1000 times harder” than he thought it would be. 

“Not sure if it’s the starvation, lack of sleep, threat of being eaten in my sleep by a snake, the horrendous trials or just really missing my family… but things come crashing down for me this week and I can’t fake my way through it anymore,” he admitted. 

While viewers are used to seeing the upbeat and enthusiastic side of his on-screen persona, he said he will appear more raw and vulnerable than ever in this week’s episodes.

“I can’t keep up the TV presenter facade, I’m a floppy mess on my camp bed, I can barely hold a conversation, let alone foster the strength the help others,” he wrote. “It’s not my finest hour.”

Grant confessed he may “look a tad grumpy, appear disinterested or forget my manners” at times. 

“I’m seriously just trying to hold it all together to survive this week.”

Viewers already got a glimpse of Grant’s more emotional side earlier in the week when he and AFL player Travis Varcoe shed some tears as they yearned for “just a little phone call” with their loved ones. 

Grant was seen holding onto a small music box that was playing the children’s lullaby, ‘Rock A Bye Baby’, describing the object as “something to remember the kids by”.

“I used to sing that to Franki to fall asleep,” said Travis, referring to his young daughter. 

“I’d just do anything for a cuddle though,” admitted Grant, to which Travis agreed, “Just a little phone call or a conversation. Even just a ‘Hey how are you going?’”

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’I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ contestants Grant Denyer and Travis Varcoe

In a piece-to-camera, Grant opened up more about his emotional turmoil in the Australian jungle.

“You feel selfish or silly being in here because you feel like you’re letting them down or you’re making their life harder,” he said. “So that sort of stuff sets in.”

He said both he and Travis “needed to reconnect with our kids a little bit” and that bonding over the music box “was a powerful little moment that brought me and Trav together”. 

“We just both needed to reconnect with our kids a little bit and that music box was a powerful little moment that brought me and Trav together. Just two dudes missing home, struggling to hold the emotions in,” he said. 

Grant and wife Cheryl, whom he married in 2010, share two daughters Sailor, eight, and Scout, four. They are also expecting their third child in March.

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The cast of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia’

Last week ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ debuted with 10 famous faces: Abbie Chatfield, Ash Williams, Grant Denyer, Jack Vidgen, Jess Eva, Mel Buttle, Paulini Curuenavuli, Toni Pearen and Travis Varcoe. Since then Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico, Pettifleur Berenger and Colin Fassnidge have since joined as campmates. Mel departed last Wednesday. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show was pre-recorded over four weeks in Australia instead of being filmed live in the usual South African jungle. However, viewers will be able to vote for the eventual winner. 

The celebrities will live on a diet of rice and beans and compete in physically demanding challenges in a bid to win $100,000 for their chosen charity. 

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