The fan community for global computer game championships is growing rapidly. Computer games have become a booming economic sector. All the big soccer clubs have their own online FIFA teams and young plyers dream of careers as stars.

“Dreamer Ace” – also known as Tobias Schreckeneder – has played his way into the “majors” in the “League of Legends” strategy game. Each month he receives a small salary for his prowess. But only a few gamers earn millions and top women contenders are few and far between. Nevertheless, Yvonne Scheer has made it to the top by winning the Austrian national championship in a “first-person shooter” game. The online battle that offers the best stakes at the moment is DOTA 2.

But is gaming a sport? Policymakers are currently debating hotly if eSports should be supported with public funding like other sports. Many big soccer clubs already have their own online FIFA teams, and 300 million people are expected to follow online competitions in 2020. The global eSports business meanwhile continues to grow to encompass media rights, advertising and ticket sales.


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