Glimpse your reflection on the mirror-like surface of a Shiroi Hana knife, and you’ll see your most glamorous culinary aspirations glittering back at you. The newest collection from Edge of Belgravia is a $299 set of six steel slicers inspired by Japanese swords. Never mind that your countertops are encrusted under spills, or that you only pretend to know what “chiffonade” is. The sight of these knives—sophisticated, luminous—are meant to evoke the possibility of all that your kitchen could be.

Included in the set—which goes on sale today through Kickstarter—are a full-size 7.5-inch chef’s knife, a shorter 6-inch chef’s knife, a smaller utility knife, a paring knife, a 7.5-inch serrated bread knife, and a 7.5-inch slicer with a rectangular blade. All of the knives have Edge of Belgravia’s signature, soft-angled handle. I was sent a set to test out, and even the large chef knife feels startlingly light and balanced.

The core of each knife in the Shiroi Hana collection is made of AUS-10 steel, produced exclusively in Japan, and is fortified by outer layers of steel that help maintain its sharp edges over repeated wear. The specialized blades glide into ingredients with precision—so you can feel just as elegant carving leftover deli ham as you would preparing sustainably farmed Kanpachi sashimi.

The hallmark of the Shiroi Hana collection is the striking Damascene pattern that whirls across the surface in metallic rivulets. The intricate floral design complements Edge of Belgravia’s Black Diamond knife block, which safely encloses your knives in a free-floating display.

After all, the Shiroi Hana collection is meant to be seen. The knives will almost certainly attract the admiring gazes of dinner guests. But extrinsic validation is far less important than the private, extravagant culinary ambitions that beautiful kitchen tools such as these excite in you. No matter your level of expertise, cooking in real life is frequently messy and mundane. But when you spy graceful knives, glinting in the corner like a promise, they are an assurance that those fantasies of Michelin stardom may be a little closer within reach than you think.

One last note: The knives are for sale through a crowdfunding platform, but London-based Edge of Belgravia is an established brand with a track record of well-funded releases. Last year, the company held a Kickstarter sale for a similar knife set called Kuroi Hana.

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