Hilariously Bad Celebrity Photo Fails That Should Have Never Happened

Can someone please send the Kardashians some help?

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In a life that’s loaded with professional photoshoots, top-level photo retouchers, and highly-paid paparazzi, there’s just no excuse for a bad snap when you’re a celebrity. Somehow, these painfully awkward pictures saw the light of day and were forever cemented into Internet history. How was this allowed to happen? Whether they’re due to poor retouching or simply bad choices, these awkward celebrity photo fails are hilarious.

Ariana Should See A Doctor For Those Hands


Photo credit: @ArianaGrande / Twitter

Celebrities may bask in the glow of the camera flash, but not every picture is a winner. In this epic Photoshop fail, Ariana Grande’s hands look massive. We’re not really sure what’s going on, but she definitely pulls off the Hamburger Helper look.

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian was accused of ripping off this photoshoot’s style for her 2018 Kimoji Hearts fragrance promotion. Who rocked the huge hands best?

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