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If No One Comes to Read Your Utility Meters, You Probably Have Problematic “Smart” Meters. Documentary “Take Back Your Power 2017,” Now Available for Free Viewing

By B.N. Frank If no one comes to read your gas, electric, or water meters, you probably have “Smart” Meters.  Utility companies refer to these types of meters as many things besides “Smart” Meters because they have been associated with...

/ August 26, 2018

WIN19.org Unites Established Groups to Fight 5G Small Cell Tower Rollout. Please Call Elected Officials before August 16. Contact Info Provided.

By B.N. Frank The Wireless Information Network – Wif19.org – is an online hub that provides access to the resources of non-profit organizations working to educate the public about the wireless issue, and links visitors to groups working on particular...

/ August 14, 2018