How open data can help the Global South, from disaster relief to voter turnout

The modern era is marked by growing faith in the power of data. “Big data”, “open data”, and “evidence-based decision-making” have become buzzwords, touted as solutions to the world’s most complex and persistent problems, from corruption and famine to the...

/ July 20, 2017

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Backfires

Seattle raised its minimum wage to $13 an hour in an effort to help poor people, but it’s having the opposite effect, lowering incomes and costing jobs. The post Seattle’s Minimum Wage Backfires appeared first on Free the People. Read...

/ July 17, 2017

Venezuela Cracks Down on Protestors

Socialist Venezuela has no more use for shopping malls, so it has converted them into prisons where protestors undergo the most horrific abuses. The post Venezuela Cracks Down on Protestors appeared first on Free the People. Read More

/ July 17, 2017

In space, this is the age of reusability

Big plans are being made in space. Investment banks want to mine asteroids for rare, valuable metals. Japan wants to build a solar power station. Billionaire tycoons want to build hotels in orbit for space tourists. We could be seeing...

/ July 13, 2017

Credit card fraud: what you need to know

If you are the owner of a credit or a debit card, there is a non-negligible chance that you may be subject to fraud, like millions of other people around the world. Starting in the 1980s, there has been an...

/ July 10, 2017

Angela Merkel, the G-Zero chancellor

IT WAS a tableau to sum up an age. Leaders of the world’s 20 main industrial powers, plus a dusting of international institutions and secondary powers, posed for a photo at the Hamburg Congress Centre. In the middle, among the...

/ July 7, 2017

Is artificial intelligence a (job) killer?

There’s no shortage of dire warnings about the dangers of artificial intelligence these days. Modern prophets, such as physicist Stephen Hawking and investor Elon Musk, foretell the imminent decline of humanity. With the advent of artificial general intelligence and self-designed...

/ July 6, 2017

Can we ditch dark energy by better understanding general relativity?

A renewed suggestion that dark energy may not be real — dispensing with 70% of the stuff in the universe — has reignited a longstanding debate. Dark energy and dark matter are theoretical inventions that explain observations we cannot otherwise...

/ June 29, 2017

Gay marriage and the six rules behind Angela Merkel’s political longevity

ON SUNDAY Martin Schulz declared that he would sign no coalition agreement that did not introduce equal marriage in Germany. The Social Democrat (SPD) chancellor candidate was not alone. The Greens and the free-market Free Democrats (FDP) have made similar...

/ June 27, 2017

The Free Democrats and Greens weigh the risks of a coalition with Angela Merkel

CHRISTIAN LINDNER can pull a crowd. On a scorching afternoon on June 19th hundreds of students at Frankfurt’s Goethe University crammed into a lecture hall to hear the sharp-suited leader of the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) preach the liberal gospel:...

/ June 27, 2017

Time For Japan To Ante Up On Casino Legalization

Japan needs public officials to get in the game to keep casino legalization moving forward. (Photo credit: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images) Last month’s Japan Gaming Congress in Tokyo was fantastic in every sense of the word. Ticket sales were cut off...

/ June 18, 2017

It’s Time to Stop Selling Bombs to Saudi Arabia

Why do we keep selling sophisticated weapons to Saudi Arabia? Sen. Rand Paul says it’s time to stop. The post It’s Time to Stop Selling Bombs to Saudi Arabia appeared first on Free the People. Read More

/ June 13, 2017

International PISA tests show how evidence-based policy can go wrong

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) implemented by the OECD has been controversial since the publication of its first results in 2000. Measuring the mathematics, science and reading skills of 15-year-old students every three years, PISA relies on broad...

/ June 12, 2017

Macau Magnates Lawrence Ho & Francis Lui Open Up About Casino Prospects

In an exclusive interview, Melco Resorts Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho says the company won't be be buying out its partner at Studio City Macau, shown here, anytime soon. The interview may be part of a trend among Macau gaming...

/ June 9, 2017

You Can See Macau’s Soaring Casino Revenue, But Don’t Be Blinded

Last year's opening of Wynn Palace in Cotai has given Wynn Resorts founder Steve Wynn and Macau plenty to smile about, sparking a VIP led gaming revenue recovery. (Photo credit: AP Photo/Vincent Yu) May casino revenue numbers bear out what...

/ June 5, 2017

‘Himalayan Viagra’ is threatened by fervent Chinese demand and climate change

At the beginning of the Himalayan summer, when the snows start to melt, all the schools close for the season and Nepali parents and children move to the grasslands with enough food for a month-long journey on a quest for...

/ June 5, 2017

Philippines Can Find Its Way Forward From Resorts World Manila Tragedy

The tragedy at Resorts World Manila forces Philippine casinos and other tourism stakeholders to address longstanding perceptions about security. (Photo credit: Noel Celis/AFP Photo) The tragedy at Resorts World Manila underscores how much damage a deranged individual can do. Details...

/ June 3, 2017

An interview with Christian Kern

IN THIS week's issue of The Economist I have a report from Austria on the growing fractures in the country's politics and society. Here are the opening paragraphs: TO UNDERSTAND Austria, visit the Karl-Marx-Hof. This vast municipal housing complex in...

/ June 2, 2017

Q&A With Gaming Veteran Ben Lee: The Philippine Casino Market Is ‘Oversaturated’

Okada Manila, the US$2 billion casino resort in Manila's Entertainment City controlled by Japanese gaming machine tycoon Kazuo Okada, may promote unhealthy competition in the Philippine gaming market, consultant Ben Lee suggests. (Photo credit: Ted Aljibe/AFP/Getty Images) Ben Lee has...

/ June 1, 2017

An interview with Wolfgang Ischinger

WOLFGANG ISCHINGER knows German foreign policy. He was the country’s deputy foreign minister from 1998 to 2001. He was its ambassador to Washington from 2001 to 2006. Then he spent two years as its man in London. Since then he...

/ May 30, 2017