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Goodbye ‘Divide and Conquer’: With Walker Gone, Wisconsin Begins a New Era

The Capitol in Madison was packed with ebullient people—education activists in I-heart-my-public-school T-shirts, immigrant-rights activists lobbying to restore driver’s licenses to non-citizens, and many, many smiling Democrats—as Wisconsin’s new governor, Tony Evers, took the oath

Going Native: Government Shutdown Exacerbates Broken Promises to Tribes

A new report calls attention to how the lack of treaty-based funds to tribes leaves American Indians scraping the bottom of the barrel of social service funds.

The Trumpification of Political Discourse

Thursday was a day of historic firsts. The first indigenous woman elected to Congress took the oath of office. So did the first Muslim congresswoman, and some of the first openly gay and bisexual members

Why We Don’t Need a Wall

When we are at our best, we don’t spend billions of dollars building monuments to paranoia. And we sure don’t allow fixation on the erection of such a monument — call it a wall, call it a fence — to bring useful functions of government to a halt.

The Year in Lies

Collect the whole set!

Will James Webb Be the Next Secretary of Defense?

One of the odd-but-positive political rumors at the start of this odd year is that Donald Trump is considering former Senator James Webb as a successor to James Mattis as secretary of defense. Among the

And They’re Off! Candidates Race to Challenge Trump in 2020

The cork was barely off the champagne on New Year’s Eve 2019 before a crowd of eager candidates began their 2020 presidential election stampede. Among the most high-profile Trump challengers are Senator Elizabeth Warren, who

What Trump’s Draft Deferments Reveal

President Donald Trump’s Vietnam-era draft deferments made headlines again last week when The New York Times reported that, as a favor to Trump’s father, a Queens podiatrist may have written the letter that led to

The Atlantic Daily: She’s Running

(Photo by David Goldman / AP) What We’re Following 10 new factors that will shape the Democratic primary (Edward-Isaac Dovere)A pundit president, impeachment fever, grappling with the Obama legacy, and more. → Read on. Elizabeth

The Timeless Bliss of Eating Hometown Food

A four-hour wait is nothing in the face of nostalgia. When Matt Fligiel learned in 2013 that the future of Blimpyburger was in jeopardy, he knew he had to savor one last meal at the

Redrawing the Political Map: Gerrymandering Fights Set the Stage for 2019 and Beyond

Nowhere has the Republican plan to hang onto power at all costs expressed itself more fully than in North Carolina and Wisconsin. In both states, Democratic governors won competitive statewide elections, only to see their

The Other Americans: Children’s Deaths Devastate Guatemalan Families, but the Migration Continues

On Christmas Day, hundreds of people from the remote village of San Antonio Secortez, located in Raxruhá municipality in the lush department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, arrived at the home of Jakelin Caal Maquin. The

A Mission: Impossible Fake-Out for the Ages

Over the next week, The Atlantic’s “And, Scene” series will delve into some of the most interesting films of the year by examining a single, noteworthy cinematic moment from 2018. Next up is Christopher McQuarrie’s

Six Tips for Progressives in 2019

With Democrats poised to flip the House of Representatives in January, here are some ways progressives can gain traction.

The Green New Deal Promises Peace and Progress. Will Nuclear Advocates Undermine it?

The environmental policy centerpiece of the incoming Democratic House of Representatives is what’s now known as “The Green New Deal.” But it’s already hit deeply polarizing pushback from the old-line Democratic leadership. And it faces

Christmas Around the World 2018

One last photo look at this year’s Christmas and its many light shows, religious observances, charity events, and festivals that took place around the world. Gathered here are images from Australia, Japan, the Democratic Republic

Reports Of Macau Demise Greatly Exaggerated, Tokyo Mon Amour, More 2019 Trends

Macau casinos are on course to continue steady, sustainable growth in 2019. Most investors are too busy winning the last war to notice. (Photo: Anthony Kwan/Bloomberg)© 2018 Bloomberg Finance LP Every year, I forecast key