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Everipedia Culture Roundup #11: Yoked and Smoked

An egg yoke symbolizing an explosive week for the Everipedia Culture Roundup Sometimes, you have to take a step back to appreciate that we live in a time where you can relate to an event that

HoneyBook, a client management platform for creative businesses, raises $28M Series C led by Citi Ventures

HoneyBook, a customer-relationship management platform aimed at small businesses in creative fields, announced today it has raised a $28 million Series C led by Citi Ventures. All of its existing investors, including Norwest Venture Partners, Aleph, Vintage Investment Partners and Hillsven Capital, also returned for the round. Citi is a strategic partner for HoneyBook and […]

In the Face of Danger, We’re Turning to Surveillance

When school began in Lockport, New York, this past fall, the halls were lined not just with posters and lockers, but cameras. Over the summer, a brand new $4 million facial recognition system installed by

“Sequence to Sequence Learning with Neural Networks”: Paper Discussion

The fifth blog post in the 5-minute Papers series. Photo by Francisco Casero on Unsplash For today’s paper summary, I will be discussing one of the “classic”/pioneer papers for Langauge Translation, from 2014 (!): “Sequence to Sequence

PicsArt hits 130 million MAUs as Chinese flock to its photo editing app

If you’re like me, who isn’t big on social media, you’d think that the image filters that come inside most apps will do the job. But for many others, especially the younger crowd, making their photos stand out is a huge deal. The demand is big enough that PicsArt, a rival to filtering companies VSCO […]

Volvo Will Use In-Car Cameras To Detect Drunk, Distracted Driving

The tech will launch in a few years with Volvo’s next-gen vehicles. Volvo has a long history of safety in its production vehicles, but the automaker is poised to take an additional step beyond passive

Making Terraform and Serverless framework work together

Yan CuiBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing Mar 20 The Serverless framework is the most popular deployment framework for serverless applications. It gives you a convenient abstraction over CloudFormation and some best practices out-of-the-box: Filters out dev dependencies for Node.js

‘Cuphead’ and a WILD ‘Zelda’ mash-up highlight a strong Nintendo indies showcase


Settle in for 25 minutes of Nintendo Switch reveals, folks.

The latest “Nindies” showcase, in which Nintendo highlights upcoming indie releases, is packed with exciting reveals. There’s a Cuphead release for Switch. A Stranger Things game releasing the same day as the third seasonThere’s also a dog-sledding game called The Red Lantern and oh how I want to play it!!

The most exciting reveal for most, however, comes at the very end: Cadence of Hyrule, a rethinking of the rhythm-based RPG Crypt of the NecroDancer that moves the setting over to Zelda’s homeland. It looks rad. Enjoy. Read more…

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Apple AirPods 2019: Price, Specs, Release Date

The new AirPods have better battery life, come with a wireless charging option, and ship next week for $159.

Adorable Google Doodles are springing up on Pixel phones

An animation based on Google’s homepage Doodle has landed on some Google Pixel phones via the Search widget. And it’s very cute.

I hate coding but I love making

Like many other technical people I learned to code from a young age, I specifically remember learning the likes of HTML, CSS and PHP in order to build out my long imagined dream of running

Applications of Artificial intelligence in small businesses!

The new and improved cosmos of application of Artificial Intelligence is not only enterprise-specific anymore. It is very much within the reach of small businesses. Businesses all around the globe are leveraging Artificial intelligence to

Tandem Bank launches ‘Autosavings’ account

Tandem Bank, the U.K. challenger bank, is launching a new savings account powered by its “Autosavings” feature designed to make it easier to save. Paying 0.5 percent interest, the Tandem Autosavings account is effectively a flexible savings bank account built on top of Tandem’s existing bank account aggregation app and the various credit cards it […]

Facebook Changes Its Ad Tech to Stop Discrimination

On Tuesday, Facebook reached a historic settlement with civil rights groups that had accused the company of allowing advertisers to unlawfully discriminate against minorities, women, and older people by using the platform’s ad-targeting technology to

AI to Transform The Financial Services: Six Examples

Artificial Intelligence is not a new kid on the block, but rather an integral part of a growing number of industries. Forward-thinking executive managers and business owners actively explore new AI use in finance and

Cities are getting more serious about micromobility data

Gone are the days when cities and tech startups are constantly at odds with each other. Passport, a mobility management startup, has partnered with Charlotte, N.C., Detroit, MIch., and Omaha, Neb. to create a framework to apply parking principles, data analysis and more to the plethora of shared micromobility services. “For many cities, the only […]

2020 Land Rover Defender Caught Looking As Boxy As Ever

It’s the long-wheelbase model, but we can briefly see the two-door SWB variant as well. Mercedes took its sweet time updating the G-Class, much like Land Rover is in no rush to launch an overhauled

Women’s Pain Is Different From Men’s—the Drugs Could Be Too

Men and women can’t feel each other’s pain. Literally. We have different biological pathways for chronic pain, which means pain-relieving drugs that work for one sex might fail in the other half of the population.