Drone Footage Captures Clashes, Burnt Cars in New Caledonia

Drone footage filmed on May 22 showed ongoing clashes between law enforcement and protesters in New Caledonia, ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in the French-controlled territory.

The protests were sparked by anger among indigenous Kanak people over constitutional reform approved in Paris that would change who is allowed to take part in elections. Local leaders fear the change will dilute the Kanak vote.

Six people have died, and 280 rioters have been arrested in the past week during the worst riots in 40 years on the Pacific island.

The pro-independence political party have called for protesters to remove roadblocks, which are restricting movement and supply of food in the capital Noumea, yet they continued to appear overnight.

Macron will meet elected officials and local representatives on May 23 for a day of talks focused on politics and on the reconstruction of the island, his aides said.

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