Trump BURNED For Coward Act in Hush Money Trial

Both sides of Donald Trump’s hush money trial have rested without Trump testifying. John Iadarola and Danielle Moodie break it down on The Damage Report.

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Both sides have rested their cases in Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial at Manhattan Criminal Court, after further testimony from the defense’s first and only witness, lawyer Robert Costello. Despite early assurances that he would, Mr Trump did not testify.

After the prosecution rested its case on Monday, the former president’s attorneys ran into trouble when Mr Costello was angrily admonished by Judge Juan Merchan for “staring him down”.

Earlier, Mr Trump’s estranged ex-lawyer Michael Cohen concluded his testimony after more than 17 hours giving evidence.

Cohen endured something of a rocky ride during that time, particularly when he was accused of lying by defense attorney Todd Blanche and challenged over inconsistencies in his statements about the Stormy Daniels payoff at the heart of the case.

Mr Trump denies having an affair with the adult film star and all of the 34 felony charges he faces over the falsification of business records to hide the $130,000 payment made to Ms Daniels in October 2016.

Closing arguments are scheduled for next Tuesday with the jury expected to deliberate from next Wednesday.


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