How will Israel and the US respond to Iran's attack on Israel? | DW News

An aerial assault was launched by Iran against Israel overnight: The Israeli army says more than 300 missiles and drones were fired. It is the first time Iran has launched a direct military attack on Israel despite decades of hostility.
There’s been calm over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in the wake of the barrage. Almost all the missiles were intercepted by Israel and the US. The UK and Jordan have also shot down drones. Air raid sirens sounded across Israel. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard says the assault was in retaliation for an attack on its embassy in Syria on April 1st which killed 16 people including several Iranian generals. What considerations will Israel have to take into account as it decides how to respond? How difficult will it be for Israel and the US to agree on a clear response to this attack?
If it decides to retaliate, will Israel be able to drum up enough support? And can it respond without the US’ support?


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