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By Neenah Payne

Yuri Bezmenov (1939-1993), was a KGB informants and information expert who defected first to Canada and then to the US in the 1970s. Bezmenov explained:

“The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all, but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy. You can take your enemy without a single shot being fired.”

Bezmenov said: “Leftists are useful idiots who serve only to destabilize society.” In an interview with G. Edward Griffin in 1984, Bezmenov exposed how the Communist apparatus overtakes the conscience of a country.  He said the US was in a state of undeclared war against the principles on which it was founded under the Communist conspiracy. “Unless the United States wakes up! The time bomb is ticking every second and the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect,” he emphasized.

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Four Steps of Communist Takeover

Bezmenov explained that the Communist takeover of a country is done in four steps:

1. Demoralization (10-20 years)
2. Destabilization (2-5 years)
3. Crisis (6 weeks)
4. Normalization

Demoralisation of a population

The former KGB informant stated that the Soviet Intelligence Agency used four methods to alter the mindset and behaviour of people in foreign countries. The first step is that of demoralisation which according to him took 15-20 years. During the phase, young people are influenced to question the integrity of a country and raise suspicions through media propaganda and academia. Perception takes the centre stage and facts become meaningless. He attributes it to the lack of moral standards in society.

For a population self-absorbed in a world of propaganda, and theories of Marxism and Leninism, truth loses its grip on the society. The older generation also loses control over the population due to consistent attacks on their moral fabric. Yuri Bezmenov revealed that the ‘demoralisation’ phase was completed before the interview and the Soviet Union was surprised at the ease of its execution. He also explained how those from the 60s were occupying high positions in the government, mass media, and civil services at the time of the interview. Yuri Bezmenov further claimed that another 20 years would take to create a new generation of patriotic American citizens.

Destabilisation, Crisis, and Normalisation

As per the former KGB informant, destabilisation of a country also referred to as the second step, meant altering the nation’s foreign relations, economy, defence systems. He said that the process takes 2-5 years to execute. He stated that the Marxist-Leninist hold over the American defence and economic sector was ‘fantastic.’ Bezmenov said that he never thought that the process would be so easy to execute in the US when he landed there in 1971. He highlighted that a country could be brought to a state of crisis, the third step, in a short time as six weeks….

Coupled with a violent change in power structure and economy, the fourth phase of normalisation is kicked in that can last indefinitely. The word normalisation is derived from Soviet propaganda that seeks to downplay a drastic change in a country as a normal phenomenon. “This will happen in America if you allow the Schumuks to bring the country to crisis, promise people all kinds of goodies and paradise on Earth, destabilise your economy, eliminate the principle of free-market competition, put a Big Brother government in Washington DC with benevolent things,” he remarked.

The War on Children: Communist Takeover

Roger Starbuck is a former Hollywood music video producer and director. His documentary The War on Children, released on 2/2/24, had 50 million views in the first month — one of the most watched documentaries of all time. See the trailer. Elon Musk posted the entire documentary for free on X, writing that it was “worth watching, especially for parents.”

Starbuck explained that we are in the Normalization phase now.

Uncensored: The War on Children (full interview by subscription) 3/21/24

In a civilized country, you’d be punished mercilessly for getting creepy with someone else’s kids. In our country, it qualifies you for a job at the White House. How and why did this happen? Robby Starbuck explains. Any healthy society is sure to protect its children. That’s the whole point of having a society at all. Despite this, American culture has become oddly indifferent towards those who seek to destroy our country’s youth, and the Left’s efforts to alter our children’s biology is a perfect example.

First, activists pressure kids into taking puberty blockers and receiving sex change surgeries. Next, they lie about it to their obedient allies in the mainstream press and label anyone who stands opposed an irredeemable bigot. Then the cycle starts again. Documentarian Robby Starbuck is helping to fight back against the bizarre sexualization of America’s kids, and he joined Tucker Carlson Uncensored to explain his mission. Click the image below to watch.

Robby Starbuck tells Tucker:

“[The sexualization of kids] is a near planetary scale psychological operation to usher in a new form of communism. And I know to some people that might sound extreme, but to give a little bit of insight, my family came from Cuba, where communism happened in a flash. And I don’t think a lot of Americans realize just how quickly this can happen. And we’re well down the path.”

Get The Parenting Revolution Manual.

Starbuck in Breitbart interview:

What they’re trying to do is create a generation of compliant and reliable voters who will essentially do whatever the left tells them they must do.”

The Epoch Times: Starbuck is developing four documentaries he hopes will “have the same influence on sharing the truth”.

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Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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