"If US Wanted To Stop The War..." Israeli Journalist Calls Out US Double-Speak On Gaza | Israel Gaza

“If the US Wanted To Stop The War…” Israeli Journalist Calls Out US Double-Speak On Gaza | Israel Gaza

Watch as renowned Israeli journalist Gideon Levy delves into the heart of the Israel-Gaza conflict, sharing insights that challenge the mainstream narrative. Levy discusses the current situation of the Rafah operation and sheds light on why Israel seems to ignore global warnings. Levy emphasises the potential human cost and questions the motives behind the operation.

Levy doesn’t shy away from addressing the controversial US stance on Israel’s aggression in Gaza as he dissects the relationship, accusing the US of doing nothing more than just lip service to peace talks, asserting that Washington supports, arms, and finances Israel’s war. Levy provides a thought-provoking perspective on the US role, suggesting that if the US genuinely wanted to end the war, it could have done so long ago.

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