Why Europe has more and more refugees | DW News

New conflicts on the EU’s doorstep – and around the world – have led to increasing numbers of people seeking refuge in the bloc. Last year, the EU received more asylsum applications than at any time in the last seven years. That’s acccording to a new report by the European Union Agency for Asylum.

The figures are the highest since Europe’s 2015-2016 migrant crisis, when more than a million people fled across the EU’s borders. Applications decreased in the years that followed, but then rose again. Syrian and Afghan nationals submitted the most applications in 2023, followed by Palestinians and then Turkish nationals. The latest figures don’t include the more than 4-Mmillion Ukrainians given refuge since Russia’s invasion.

Germany recorded more than 330,000 asylum applications in 2023 – more than any other EU member state. It’s followed by France, Spain and then Italy.

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