The Real Reason To Care About The Apple Vision Pro

What is the Apple Vision Pro actually for? THIS…
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You’ve seen the Apple Vision Pro. But this isn’t a product review. In this video, @mkbhd and I take a dive into what the future might actually look like with this category of tech – and why you should care.

Honestly, with all the jargon and hype (VR! AR! Spatial computing! Metaverse!), I’ve been tuning out the news about these devices for a while. But now, I think it’s time to turn the volume back up and pay attention. There is a deeply optimistic future that’s possible here. Not Ready Player One, but something else entirely. I’m going to try to show you what it might really look and feel like. If the Apple Macintosh helped unlock personal computing, and the iPhone unlocked computers in our pockets, what is this device supposed to unlock?

My optimistic take is that this kind of tech is the most direct path to a totally sci-fi ability I never thought I’d see in real life. Something physically impossible in the real world… but maybe not in a digital one…

(Note: Apple did not sponsor or pay for this video in any way. I bought my Vision Pro and got it on Friday. Was it worth it? Watch and find out!)

00:00 The Apple Vision Pro is here
01:25 What is the Apple Vision Pro really FOR?
03:09 How to use the Apple Vision Pro
04:49 Teleporting to new places inside the Vision Pro
06:00 How the Vision Pro tricks your brain
07:25 The future of YouTube
09:20 Digital objects in real life
11:33 The problem with personas
12:59 Teleporting to see people we love
15:11 Why care about the Vision Pro
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