Jon Voight Says The UNTHINKABLE About Trump's Religious Con

Top actor Jon Voight puts out a bizarre video, which Donald Trump instantly shares on Truth Social, comparing Trump to Jesus despite Trump’s well-documented religious con. John Iadarola and Yasmin Khan break it down on The Damage Report.

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Donald Trump Shares Jon Voight’s ‘Destroyed As Jesus’ Video And People Say, WTF? –

“Voight, a longtime follower of the four-times-indicted Trump, claimed the Republican 2024 front-runner “has been targeted for his information that can knock down the corrupt swamp” and is “the only man that can destroy the negative propaganda that has been sworn into this office.”

“Can he be saved with the American people who believe in God’s glory? Can we save our nation from the dark cloud that has been put upon our life’s dreams? Yes,” the “Midnight Cowboy” star continued. “Because Joshua promised the land of hospitality and his sword of righteousness. Fought the battles left and right. The battles of right and wrong.”

“Believe,” Voight later urged. “That the man that can help this nation, the one man that was ridiculed, destroyed as Jesus, Trump, can come back and save the American dream for all. And make America great with the dignity, with the power of who she is.””


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