Who Is Jaafar Jackson? (& Who Are Michael Jackson's Other Niblings)

The youngest of Tito Jackson’s three sons, TJ Jackson had his own relationship with his uncle Michael. Taj Jackson told GQ Portugal that while he bonded with their uncle over film and Taryll over music as an art, TJ liked to talk about the music business as a business. He and Michael would also discuss child education. When Michael died, according to Ebony, it was TJ who became the legal guardian of his uncle’s children, alongside his grandmother Katherine.

As a performer, TJ was exclusively tied to his brothers as a member of 3T until 2017. Desiring a public musical identity of his own, TJ heeded the advice of friends and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee (per News Channel 5 Nashville). Two years later, he released his first single as a solo artist, “Insomnia,” and said he enjoyed the experience so much that he was prepared to do all his solo work in Nashville going forward. TJ’s first album, “Pressure,” followed in 2022 (per Rated R&B). In between, he produced a cover of “Human Nature,” one of his uncle’s songs.

Away from music, according to the fansite Jackson Source, TJ maintained a real estate company for a time and dabbled in acting. He and his wife, Frances, created The Family Rules in 2017, a website dedicated to parenting and relationship advice.