Ethiopia's warring parties agree to ceasefire after two years of civil war | DW News

Ethiopia’s government forces have reached a truce mediated by the African Union with rebel Tigrayan forces, after a two-year conflict caused a humanitarian crisis in the region.
The AU special broker Olusegun Obasanjo said in a Wednesday statement in Pretoria that the fighting parties have also agreed to “systematic, orderly, smooth and coordinated disarmament.” Obasandjo has been mediating peace talks since late October.
The truce also includes agreeing to the “restoration of services” and “unhindered access to humanitarian supplies,” Obasanjo said.
The conflict cut off Tigray’s communications and transport links, which severely impacted the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia’s northernmost region. The speed with which aid could be restored to the region after the truce is not yet clear.
A UN spokesman hailed the truce as a “welcome first step,” but said the organization has yet to look into its details.
UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric hoped the deal “can start to bring some solace to the millions of Ethiopian civilians that have really suffered during this conflict.”
The US also welcomed the agreement to cease fighting.
State Department spokesman Ned Price described it on Wednesday as “an important step toward peace.” He hoped that it put an end to abuses witnessed during the past two years of conflict.


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