Watch live: EU Parliament votes on 'green' gas and nuclear rules | DW News

The European Parliament will decide on Wednesday whether to block or accept an EU law labelling investments in gas and nuclear power plants as climate-friendly, which has exposed deep rifts between countries over how to fight climate change.

The parliament will decide whether to veto the European Commission’s proposal to add gas and nuclear power plants to the European Union “taxonomy”, a list of economic activities that investors can label and market as green in the EU.

EU officials expect a tight vote. A total of 353 lawmakers – just over half of the 705 in the full parliament – would need to reject the EU rules.

The European People’s Party, Parliament’s biggest lawmaker group, confirmed late on Tuesday that 107 of its lawmakers at the Strasbourg meeting plan to support the EU rules, versus 31 seeking to block them. Greens and Socialists oppose the EU rules, while Renew lawmakers are largely in favour.


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