A 35-hour curfew is in effect in Kyiv as Russian bombardments of the city intensify.

Ukrainian Member of Parliament Kira Rudik told DW that Ukraine was “ready” for a siege of Kyiv. Rudik said that both civilians and the Ukrainian government had been preparing for a siege of Kyiv “for a while.”

“What we are not ready for is the shelling and missiles that are coming from the air.” Rudik called for NATO countries to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine or provide the country with jets to counter Russian airpower. Both these steps have so far been dismissed by the US and NATO, among others.
“If Russians, come in, let them come in,” Rudik said, adding that Ukrainians “will be ready.”

“But if they try to bombard this city and bring it to the ground,” Rudik said, there won’t be much Ukraine will be able to do to mount a defense. “We can hide in shelters, and we can run.” Rudik said that she had a machine gun and had been training with her resistance team for 20 days.

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