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How to invest your first $1000. In this video, I’m going to share with you something many of you have requested, but for some reason I haven’t had a chance to discuss yet in more than 50 videos. Basically, how I’d invest $1K if I was starting again.

First off though, I’m going to give you two of the most important investment lessons I possibly could, that will be useful no matter what you choose to put your money into. Then secondly, I’m going to cover four tactics or strategies of where I’d personally put my own cash if I were starting with only a grand.

Hopefully this will help you get some clarity on where may be some wise places to start investing. And let me know below if you need more clarity at all.

0:00 – A sunny introduction
0:22 – Learning to invest will set you free
1:50 – My current investing strategy
2:32 – LESSON 2: Get Interested
4:11 – LESSON 2: Seek Good Advice
6:11 – Investing in knowledge
8:01 – Investing in business
9:06 – Investing in precious metal
10:17 – Investing in cryptocurrency
11:40 – Investing in your debt
12:16 – Some final thoughts

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