Can you buy a passport? Yes, kinda: it’s called citizenship by investment (CBI). In the world of global citizenship, there are situations where you can actually pay your way to citizenship. However as you might imagine, it’s not exactly unbelievably affordable for most people.

Getting a second passport and citizenship via a CBI program will depend heavily on what nations are currently offering it, your own personal goals when it comes to freedom of movement, taxation, and global structures, and of course, your bank balance. In most cases, getting a second citizenship is going to run you at minimum $100K USD, plus fees.

This isn’t something I’m stating will be for everyone, and not everyone will agree this is a good idea. But the point of this video is to expand your mind when it comes to global freedom, and some of the possibilities that may be open to you when you decide to become less connected to your own country, and more a citizen of the world.

0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Freedom, not just finances
1:12 – Why get a second passport?
2:33 – What is Citizenship By Investment?
3:31 – The cheapest CBI programs and benefits
5:17 – Citizenship via bonds and property
6:01 – Malta, Austria, and Montenegro
7:24 – Some downsides to multiple citizenship
7:57 – Other CBI thoughts
9:01 – Outro

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