continuing its ‘plain bodies’ series, studio INK visualizes a 1962 ferrari 250 GTO in full CGI, celebrating the history of the unique supercar. designed by engineer giotto bizzarrini with the finishing touches from sergio scaglietti, the 250 GTO was once known as ‘il mostro’ — italian for monster. the name derived from a common perception that the GTO sported unfavorable looks, with its awkward nose and intake, while the prototype revealed a patchwork design of existing components. despite its unloved aesthetic, the power beneath the hood was truly impressive, using the same 3.0L V-12 engine of the le-mans winning ferrari 250 testarossa, the car long stood as ferrari’s everlasting symbol of victory.

INK ferrari 250 GTO
images © INK

while rendering the ferrari 250 GTO london-based studio INK captures the car’s one of a kind ‘rags to riches’ history. the 250 has become the most coveted vehicle ever built, and is the most expensive car sold of all time. from a ‘monster’ to a masterpiece worth millions, the ferrari 250 GTO has risen to be one of the world’s most valued historic cars, it’s once disregarded curved and bold lines now beloved. the classic automobile is the latest edition art print to join the ‘plain bodies’ series. the full CGI rendition of this priceless monster follows the distinctive style of the series — stripped back and framed on an ethereal white backdrop, expressing the raw beauty in the vehicle’s design.

INK ferrari 250 GTOINK ferrari 250 GTOINK ferrari 250 GTO INK visualizes the'monstrous' body of the 1962 ferrari 250 GTO INK visualizes the'monstrous' body of the 1962 ferrari 250 GTO