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This is Cyprus, an absolutely gorgeous nation in the Mediterranian filled with beautiful little towns a laid-back way of life and an economy that is supposedly for sale.

That’s right, a fair few of you watching may have seen headlines that apparently Amazon is going to purchase the island nation and set up its global headquarters there to have its very own little tax haven.

This story was originally published by Saxo Bank which is a small European investment bank with a lot of operations in the area.

Now spoiler alert, it’s not going to happen, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds and one day it genuinely could make sense as a sound business plan. So stick around, partially because I need that average watch time so that the youtube algorithm may bless this video, but mostly because this bizarre prediction can tell us a lot about possibly the weirdest economy in the world.

There is a very good reason that Cyprus was singled out as the most likely country to be purchased in the 2020 national yearbook and that is because of its long history of hmmm let’s say being very agreeable to the whim of institutions with a healthy bankroll.

But of course, the nation is fascinating for so many more reasons not least of which is that half of the country is technically subject to an illegal occupation of the territory of the EU.

And it gets even weirder than that, if you were to look at the island of Cyprus you would be forgiven for thinking it is just one little ol country, but depending on who you ask it has as many as 4 different entities claiming sovereignty over what is a very beautiful but otherwise very barren piece of land.

So there is a lot going on here and as always the best way to make sense of a lot of this is to look at the economics of the island to work out what is truly motivating all of these powerful institutions that apparently want to own Cyprus.


What is really driving the economy of Cyprus?

Why are so many people laying claim to it?

How have these tensions come back to bit them in recent years?

Why would it make the ideal country for some global megacorporation like amazon to buy?

And of course, once we have made sense of all of that, we can go ahead and put Cyprus on the economics explained national leaderboard.

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