I spent an incredible day with Mate Rimac at the Rimac HQ! We went through every detail of Hypercar production – comment: What fascinates you the most? Subscribe & tap the notification bell so you don’t miss part 2 (customisation) & 3 (driving prototype): https://bit.ly/NicoRosbergYT

Content Guide:
0:00 Visiting my new Hypercar!
0:55 Meeting Mate Rimac!
4:12 How Rimac started!
9:48 Factory Tour: Machining!
13:15 Ultimate Test: Putting batteries on fire.
14:11 Factory Tour: Lamination
17:59 Vehicle Engineering
23:00 Designing Hypercars
24:50 Hypercar Infotainment Systems
25:37 Powertrain Development
31:20 Hypercar Battery Development
32:35 Autonomous Hypercar Driving Systems
34:35 Preview: Customising My Rimac C_Two!

I’m taking you through all the steps of buying my new Hypercar! It’s the fastest accelerating electric Hypercar in the world: The Rimac C_Two! So I decided to visit Mate in Croatia – he showed me how he build the impressive home of electric Hypercars and shows you and me all the secret details of ultimate Hypercar production in the Full Rimac Factory Tour. It’s impressive – let me know how you like this video. Don’t forget: It’s part one out of three. Coming Next: Customising my Rimac Concept Two Hypercar and test driving the prototype!

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