Retailers and shippers are on a mad pre-holiday hiring spree, making them one of the few industries adding jobs during COVID-19.

Why it matters: With the entire country turning to online shopping, shippers across the U.S. are preparing for unprecedented package volumes — around 80 million per day between Thanksgiving and Christmas — and frustrating delays.

Between the lines: This should finally erase any distinctions between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Retailers are also quickly building out warehouses and adding alternatives to delivery.

  • Amazon has announced the addition of seven new warehouses in just the last month, notes Recode’s Jason Del Rey.
  • Walmart is adding pop-up warehouses.
  • Kohl’s and Target have doubled parking spaces for customers taking advantage of curbside pickup, per AP.

The bottom line: 7 million packages could experience delays per day between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the president of ShipMatrix, Satish Jindel, tells the AP.