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Did you know that you now have the option of importing and converting PDF data into Excel? This was one of the top requests of Excel users: How can we convert a PDF file into Excel?

Now you can use Power Query’s amazing data functionality to not just convert PDF to Excel, but import the PDF data with a connection the original PDF file. This way you can refresh the imported data in Excel to get the latest data from your PDF document. In addition to this, you can also clean the imported PDF data.

In this video we will test the functionality with 3 different business cases. We will first test the automatic refresh in Excel when the content of the PDF changes. In the second example we will import a specific table from a PDF document (Tesla’s quarterly financial report). And finally we’ll get creative and import the table of contents from a PDF eBook into Excel.

The new PDF data connector is available as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription

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Time Stamps
00:00 Import from PDF to Excel with Power Query
00:41 Automatic Refresh – Import from PDF to Excel with Power Query
03:36 Convert Financial Report from PDF to Excel with Power Query
07:10 Import Table of Contents from PDF to Excel with Power Query

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