How to Master the Sochi F1 Track! | Nico Rosberg

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My next F1 Fridays episode! It’s time for the 2020 Russian Grand Prix at the Sochi Autodrom! Sochi is quite a difficult race for a F1 driver with some special corners. I’m going through all the details about the Russian GP in my detailed Sochi F1 Track analysis. But first we are starting with a Russian GP Hot Lap! Of course I’m also answering your F1 questions in my Q&A session at the end of the video. I’m looking forward to your Top Comment ideas…

Content Guide:
0:00 How to Master the Sochi F1 Track!
0:28 Top Comment Surprise!
0:48 Sochi F1 Track Hotlap!
2:35 In-depth Track Analysis!
8:04 Fan Q&A: Russian Grand Prix!
10:57 What’s coming next?

Game – F1®️ 2020 game from Codemasters
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