NEKROTRONIC Review: Roache-Turner Brothers Return With Evil Demons, More Color And Just Enough Gore

Howard North (Ben O'Toole) has a shitty job working for the family sanitation business. One day and his partner Rangi (Bob Savea) are called into the city to do one more job at the end of a long shift. Rangi has downloaded the latest mobile game where you catch ghosts with your phone. Little do they know that an evil demon, Finnigen (Monica Belluci), is using the app to download demons into human hosts, gathering enough souls to achieve immortality. But Luther (Dave Beamish) and his daughters Molly (Caroline Ford) and Torquel (Tess Haubrich), a trio of badass demon hunters called Nekromancers, know evil is a brewing and come across Howard after Finnigen sends a demon to kill him. Why? Turns out Howard is a…

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